8 Women’s Clothes Elegant Ladies Never Wear

Women’s clothes, an elegant lady would never wear

Now this one is for all of you who want to be more elegant. So before continuing ladies, Let’s be a little bit clear on one thing. Here we would talk elegance. So we will be learning about elegant fashion, and what is appropriate elegant fashion. And in this article, we’re talking about those women’s clothes that you shouldn’t wear.

We are going to avoid certain clichés that we know are very kind of common. So we always speak about whenever we say do not wear this, do not wear this if you want to be classy. And those things are like ugg boots, leggings, clothes with a lot of logos. So we are not going to mention those things because we are sure you all are tired of hearing them.

We are going to focus on 8 other things that We really want you to pay attention to. Because who knows maybe you haven’t thought about that particular item is actually downgrading your entire elegant appearance.


Here Are The List of Women’s Clothes Not Recommended For An Elegant Lady


1. Gym Clothes-

Wearing your gym clothes when you’re not doing sports when you’re not at the gym when you’re running around in town doing your errands wearing yoga pants, or worst of all being in an airplane and travel short-haul, long-haul, whatever. Being at the airport wearing your yoga pants. Why? Can you please explain the logic?

Yes, perhaps they are comfortable but they’re not the most comfortable piece of trousers one could wear. There are many other more comfortable trousers that are actually even more stylish and chic. They are meant for whatever occasion it is that you’re in, but you decided to wear these yoga pants instead. This does not make sense because you know, they’re there for sports.

People have just become so lazy. They don’t want to make that effort. They don’t want to put on proper women’s clothes and do their hair and look representable. No proper elegant lady would wear sports clothes when she’s not doing sports.


2. Crop Top –

The crop top is so juvenile, no matter how old you are. It’s not recommended that you should wear a crop top. They’re not classy ladies. Nothing very stylish or luxurious or affluent, Plus it tends to show a bit of skin. So it’s really important to stay away from the crop top if you want to be elegant.

Actually, there are a few crop tops that are elegant. And those are usually in a combined outfit with a matching skirt or matching trousers. And they’re always high-waisted. So it could be maybe over nicer material, more tailored, more luxurious fabrics than the kind of usual cheap crop top, kind of cotton ones.

Therefore those types of tops are actually OK. So make sure you know the rule.


3. Cartoon Prints Or Prints With Animals –

If you have a bit of juvenile clothing with prints of Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Betty Boop, Hello Kitty. Or maybe you like to print animals on your clothing and maybe have a flamingo, or you like to have butterflies. You get it. All of these look very juvenile and they do not make a lady look ladylike.

We personally do not find this type of women’s clothes attractive, whatsoever. But hey, people are different and cultures are different too. In some cultures, Hello Kitty is a big thing. So we are not trying to insult anybody. However, stay away from all these cartoon prints and childish flamingos, and lions and bears. Just embrace being a lady because that’s a lot of fun too.



4. T-Shirts –

T-shirts are for an elegant wardrobe, not appropriate everyday wear. It’s not appropriate to wear a T-shirt in the office or when you’re out for dinner, or socializing or going to some party. T-shirts are very laid back and very casual garments. Maybe as a home garment, it would be OK. But you know, a lot of them are also not even appropriate for home wear.

Potentially, We would say, definitely wear a T-shirt if you’re, you know, moving house,  digging in the garden,  if you’re doing some work. Where you can easily dirty yourself and you need to be a little bit robust and put on your jeans and T-Shirt type of thing. Then yes, T-shirt is very much appropriate. But if you want to be elegant, get yourself away from the jeans and T-shirt mentality because it’s too casual.

It’s not chic and it’s not going to elevate you. We also have this trend with these Gucci T-shirts and this Balmain and all kinds of brands. And for me, that just looks cheap and tacky and nothing an elegant lady would wear. So a trend does not necessarily translate that it’s elegant. Always keep that in mind.


5. Ripped Jeans –

Whoever invented the ripped jeans fashion, question, Why? Why? What is beautiful with ripped jeans and especially when there are many rips? It’s not sophisticated. It looks tacky. But, hey, some people like it. So if that’s your style, fine. But, if you want to be sophisticated, ripped jeans do not belong in this category.


7. The Jeans Shorts.

Now jeans shorts are very popular in summer because they’re short, they’re light, easy to wear, easy to mix and match and so on. But, actually the kind of blue denim jeans shorts. It can look a little bit too casual and it is not recommended to wear them. If you want to be sophisticated, white in jeans always look more sophisticated than the denim blue.

So if you cannot let go of your jeans, of your obsession with jeans, then at least, go white. That will definitely make you look more expensive than when you just wear denim blue. So you know. Keep it nice. Keep it classy even if you go in the jeans shorts direction.


8. Bags With Wear And Tear –

So we might have our favorite bag and we might have a hard time giving it up whenever it starts to look like rags. Ladies, when your bag is losing its shape, is fading the color, is having threads poking out. You know, leather is starting to get rubbed off, especially in the corners, in the bottom of the bag. Things like that are very common when a bag has aged when the bag has kind of expired.

And the expired bag belongs in the cemetery. And it’s time to let it go. Because you have to understand this, a bag for a woman is everything. It’s the woman’s status symbol. And if you have a bag that looks like rags. Like it is very worn out and looks very shabby, no matter if it’s a designer or how much it cost. It’s going to downgrade your overall appearance.

It’s not going to do you any favors, even though, it’s a designer bag. So let it go. Do not wear bags that look shabby. Wear bags that look brand-new or at least well taken care of. Once they expire, life goes on to another bag. So, it’s not all too bad, right?



wedding lehenga

Different Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga


Bridal Lehenga’s

When it comes to women’s weddings in India, the lehenga is a must. Whether the bride is north Indian or south Indian, lehnga must be her best bridal clothes for the wedding, sangeet, or mehndi ceremony.

For their bridal clothes especially lehnga, women do not want to compromise in any way with this. They usually want the best  for the ceremony, because a wedding is a single-time experience for life. That’s why every bride wants to look perfect at her wedding.

Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga

For each one of us, this is a big question as to how to reuse the wedding lehnga. Some of us have heavily embroidered ones, whereas few have slightly lighter ones. But it becomes difficult to reuse them, especially the heavier ones, because they look slightly overdue for a function.

Wedding Lehnga is the most-preferred dress, especially by Brides. In the selection process, they might choose desired Lehnga preferred to wear on the Special Wedding Occasions. Realizing that the dress you wear on the special occasion will be the final & stays as a lifetime memory.

Below are some best wonderful ways you can follow to reuse your wedding lehnga.


Convert Your Lehenga Into Anarkali


anarkali lehnga


Convert your old lehnga into a full-length Anarkali, they are easy to wear and can be worn to any function without looking odd. It is very simple to transform bridal lehenga to beautiful Anarkali, done by stitching choli and lehenga together.

Use booti work to its border which exhibits an attractive look. If you are running out of time! Here is an instant solution to follow. Take a waistline band, join the lehenga & choli tying it along with that band.

After completing this next step is to finish up with the look by doing smoky makeup with bright lipstick and wear high heels.



Combine It With Shirt Or a Top


anarkali dress


A simple top or shirt can change the entire look of a traditional lehenga. Combining modern silhouettes like shirts and tops gives an Indo western touch to the look. The simplicity of plain silhouettes which have no embroideries perfectly teems up with heavily embroidered lehengas.



Combine It With Long Jacket


Here is a fascinating idea! Wear lehenga pairing with adorn jacket having beadwork/embroidery work. Pair lehenga with a different jacket, different shades to its contrast. You can also wear open front netted jackets to give a wow! Look.



The Double Layer Style


double layer lehenga


Double layer lehngas are very much in fashion nowadays. If your lehenga has heavy embroidery, then cutting it down from the center.  Stitching a plain layer of a skirt from inside is a good layering option for a different look. Stitch it like an Anarkali or keeping it in a two-piece is your choice.



Try Different Looks With Lehenga Dupatta


It is not mandatory to wear wedding lehenga choli as a set. Lehenga dupatta is usually made up of heavy embroidery work, So they can be restitched as a fabulous Kurti. This amazing Kurti can be worn in evening parties or  functions

If the lehenga dupatta is having an amazing design over it, use it with a plain churidar top. You can always mix & match.

fashion hack

Women’s Clothing(Fashion Hack)


The term “Fashion” can be described in different ways. The choice of outfits, clothing, decoration, and behaviour by the trend can be termed as fashion.

You know how sometimes you just know things, but don’t realize that you do until someone mentions it out loud. That’s just the case with fashion too, and that’s why we always need tips from experts and designers to validate what we know. But, often while reading about stuff, we realize how we miss tiny details and how other people have a different perspective to offer! As they say, the devil is in the details.

If you were wishing that it’d be nice to have a fashion hack list that states it all out for you, we’ve got you covered. So, today, let’s take a look at  some life hacks that every female can follow:

For Beginners, Know Your Body Type



measuring tape


Know what type of body you are having, it is the basic thing to know about yourself. Everything works around this, so this is one of the biggest fashion hack or advice that anyone can give you.


Understand The Colour Wheel



color wheel

It might seem a little unnecessary, but you will be more than glad you looked this up because it’s a game-changer and gives you a new perspective when matching up colours. Remember, there cannot be more than three colours in your outfit at one time.



Wash Your Clothes The Right Way




Don’t mix whites with colours; wash delicates in the low heat setting; sweaters need a different detergent – pay attention.



Organise Your Closet Every Three Months



clothes on chair

A capsule wardrobe is a concept many women are turning towards and enjoying the benefits of. If you think that it will not work for you, at least organise your closet once in a while. You will slowly start to realise how many things you do not use are there in your wardrobe and will discard them anyway.



Sudden Shopping – MAKE IT STOP



women with a shopping bag

A sale should never be a cue to buy something, but it should not always be (which is the case for most of us). If you have been waiting for a particular product to go on sale, sure, pick it up, but if it’s a random dress you want just because it is on discount, ask yourself if you’d buy it if it wasn’t on sale. You have your answer.



Accessorise Your Outfits



women accessories

Accessories are an integral part of dressing up and a crucial fashion hack. Keep aside some money just for accessories. Just one chunky piece of jewellery can marry an entire outfit. Wear them as per the occasion – office, party, concert, etc.



Learn  Few Fashion Tips




fashion tips

Basic DIY clothes tips like tucking your jeans into the boots, cleaning wine stains, unshrinking clothes, cleaning jewellery, etc. You will save money and sometimes yourself from embarrassment too.



Different Season Different Outfits



different outfits

Fall is about the checkered shirts and camel boots, while winters are about woollen scarves and fancy coats (if you are lucky), summers mean shorts, dresses, and life at its beautiful best – so take a cue from them, follow trends, and look pretty anyway.



Jumpsuits, Pantsuits, And Tracksuits Are Everlasting




It might seem like they are taking a break, but they will always find their way back into the clothing line. But, if they do take a break, it’s never considered dated to wear these.



Play With Gowns




pink gownIf you are looking for a gown that is good for formal events, then you should choose flowy options than a voluminous one.



Try Versatile Hairstyles



women with curly hair

Try different hairstyles that are versatile in nature like messy bun is nice, but also learn to do a few more hairstyles – you never know when you may need them



Makeup – Know What’s Right For You



beauty products

Check out some YouTube tutorials to know what kind of makeup you like, and invest in good products – we all need makeup at some point, if not every day.



Red Lipstick – Never Out Of Fashion



red lipstick

Ruby Woo, Dior’s Rouge or Chanel’s Pirate – you need these or the deepest shade of red in your cosmetic closet. And don’t listen to them – it’s always a good time to wear red lipstick.



Be Confident – Be Sexy



four people laughing

Be you, be beautiful. Nothing, nothing works as confidence does.



All said and done, there are no hard and fast rules for fashion, only guidelines, tips, and expert advice. If you think something works for you, go ahead by all means.